Food, accomodation & wine

Where to stay

Slovenian-bavarian house, Podsreda

Slovensko bavarska hiša

Podsreda 36, 3257 Podsreda
T: +386 (0)3 800 71 00
I:; E:

Location: 100m from the Kozjansko park administration office.

The Slovenian-Bavarian House offers two suites, one for 2 persons, and the second one for 4 persons. Each suite has a bathroom with a toilet and kitchen.

Where to go for a cup of coffee


Podsreda 49, 3257 Podsreda
M: +386 (0) 41 706 459

Location: 200m from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Where to eat and sleep

Zdraviliška cesta 27a, 3254 Podčetrtek;
T: +386 (0)8 205 24 40; M: 386 (0)51 341 319;
I:; E:

Location: 20km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: Barbara Apartment Hotel has 11 modernly furnished suites suitable for 2–6 persons. Each suite has a bathroom with toilet, a kitchen with a mini bar as well as cable TV and an Internet connection.

The restaurant holds up to 120 people. Pizzeria Bella offers a wide selection of pizzas, à la carte dishes, grilled dishes, salads, pasta, desserts. Their offer includes daily fresh lunches, which may be served in the area at the bar, in a separate room or on the terrace. They accept orders for larger groups. It is also possible to hold different trainings and seminars at the Barbara Apartment Hotel.

There is a mini wellness with sauna and jacuzzi in the building and a room where you can get some rest from everyday stress. Individual bookings are also possible.

Activities: In the immediate vicinity, there are numerous hiking, and cycling trails as well as cultural sights. You can take a ride along the Šmarje-Virštanj wine tourist road and try excellent wines.


Olimje 6, 3254 Podčetrtek;
T: +386 (0)3 812 12 00;
I:; E:

Location: 24km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: They own a brewery where they brew their Haler light and dark beer. The beer is natural with no added preservatives. Groups can arrange a visit to the brewery which includes wine tasting. The restaurant offers home specialities in addition to other dishes: baked ham, Haler plate, Haler goulash, beer steak, pizzas from a brick oven…

The apartment complex includes rooms and suites, which are partially air-conditioned, equipped with a bathroom, toilet, refrigerator and TV. One room is adapted to the needs of the disabled.

Activities: Picnic area, cycling, walking, playground.


Sela 27, 3254 Podčetrtek;
T: +386 (0)3 580 55 21; M: +386 (0)40 743 653;

Location: 19km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Cold and warm dishes typical for the Kozjansko cuisine can be prepared for pre-registered groups. The production of spirits has a long tradition here. They sell fruit brandy, pear brandy, plum brandy, strawberry daiquiris, etc. In the wine cellar, you can choose between top-quality wines from barrels as well as bottled wines. Accommodation is possible in a suite for five persons in a double room.

Activities: Bathing in the nearby thermal spa, cycling, walks, etc.


Olimje 90, 3254 Podčetrtek;
T: +386 (0)3 582 90 46;
I:; E:

Location: 25km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Rooms and suites: The homestead is equipped with 40 beds in the Rebeka and Karolina guest houses. The rooms are equipped with a shower, toilet, TV, telephone and an Internet connection.

Restaurant: An offer of genuine home-made food with the emphasis on venison dishes and mushroom delicacies, and home-made confectionery, slow food menus.

Apple ranch: A picnic area with up to 200 seats under a hayrack for business, sports or festive meetings.

“Zlata skrinjica” shop: 1001 ideas that will make Olimje memorable. You can purchase venison salami, Slovenian honey with walnuts and hazelnuts, apple juice and vinegar, spirits, jams, bottled wines and personally engraved products.

Laser design: Laser engraving on wood, metal, glass, granite, etc. A unique gift and a New Year’s gift programme.

“Star‘ ata” wine shop: Tasting of the most prestigious wines from all over Slovenia.

Conference hall: A hall seating up to 60 for seminars, which is equipped with state-of-the-art video and audio devices.

Activities: Visit and feed the deer and mouflons, a bird’s-eye view – flight in a hot air balloon, bicycle rental, and massages on request.


Bizeljska cesta 69, 8259 BIZELJSKO
T: +386 (0)7 495 12 35, M: +386 (0)31 333 523

Location: 13.7km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: Tasting, homemade cold cuts

Tasting and purchasing wines is possible every day, prior arrangement is desirable for larger groups. The tasting room accepts 45 visitors.

A suite for 4–6 people.

Walks and tours

Walks among the vineyards near the cellar. You can also see the Church of St. Lawrence, the collection of cultural and natural heritage of Bizeljsko, and an exhibition room of Anton Martin Slomšek. There is a quartz sand excavation site nearby, where European bee-eaters nest.


Kozje 50a, 3260 Kozje;
T: +386 (0)3 80 90 340; M: +386 (0)41 290 326;
I:; E:

Location: 5km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: Ribnik Motel is located in the centre of Kozje. It offers accommodation in 10 modernly equipped rooms with 25 beds.

In the restaurant, pizzeria and the outdoor garden you can enjoy specialties from Kozjansko, exquisitely tasting freshwater fish, daily menus and Sunday lunches, and a special offer of domestic wines.

Activities: Sport fishing and picnics at the pond, a children’s playground, bicycle rental, cycling and hiking.


Škofja Gora 36 6, 3254 Podčetrtek;
T: +386 40 373 331;
I:; E:

Location: 22km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: Apartments: 6 low-energy eco suites, uniquely designed based on the principles of innovative sustainable construction, with a view of the castle and the surrounding nature.

Suites built from natural materials, equipped with solid wood furniture from Slovenian oak and beech wood, designed and produced by Slovenian designers and manufacturers, with natural fabrics and certified organic cosmetics will bring you into complete harmony with nature together with the idyllic surroundings. They fall into a higher-class category – 4*, and meet even the highest international ecological standards. They include a kitchenette, showers which are also suitable for Kneipp therapy, an outdoor terrace, aesthetic sustainable accessories and all modern communication technology with wireless Internet access. Guests can use the wellness facility with a Finnish and infrared sauna and a wooden jacuzzi on the outdoors panoramic terrace for relaxation and recreation, and a recreational room for aerobic and anaerobic exercises and relaxation techniques. Different massages can also be arranged.

In the evenings, you can spoil yourself with a tasting of the best organically produced wines from Slovenian wine-growing districts, and local products offered from their wine cellar.

Your gourmet adventures will be spiced up with a breakfast made of organic products from the surrounding farms, which will await you every morning in a basket specially prepared for you.

There is a modern, equipped multi-purpose room with a kitchen available for various workshops, team buildings, professional and social meetings of smaller groups (up to approximately 20 persons).

Activities: Bicycle rental, walking sticks and storage of golf equipment.


Bizeljska cesta 72, 8259 Bizeljsko
T: +386 (0)7 495 13 10; M: +386 (0)41 477 940

Location: 13.6km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: The inn is located along the main road Brežice–Maribor in the centre of Bizeljsko. It was chosen from forty 100-year-old inns and is mentioned in a book of original inns by the ethnologist Janez Bogataj. They will serve you with home-made dishes. During the season, the offer is enriched with home-made pork and poultry products, and domestic dried meat products. Home-made wine is also served with the dishes. You can enjoy a rest in the shade of the garden with a glass of wine, and those more athletic in nature can play tennis on the tennis court in the immediate vicinity. The interior seats up to 70 persons at a time, the same goes for the outdoor garden. Private groups of up to 70 people are also accepted.

Number of beds: 6

Speciality: Home-made pork products, home-made poultry products.


Zdraviliška cesta 24, 3254 Podčetrtek;
T: +386 (0)3 829 70 00;
I:; E:

Location: 22.5km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Wellness Hotel Sotelia ****S

The Wellness Hotel Sotelia is closely intertwined with nature. The location of the hotel, its diverse structure, green roofs and large bright areas create a feeling of harmony with the surrounding countryside. We await you with very special types of pampering, which are offered by the hotel’s wellness centre – Spa Armonia with a select restaurant offer and common rooms. There is also a congress centre in the hotel.

Hotel Breza ****

Hotel Breza offer cosiness and relaxation during your stay. The rooms in Hotel Breza will ensure you have a comfortable stay. There is also the Olimia Health Centre in the hotel, which provides you with a rich offer of traditional and modern programmes to improve your health and well-being.

Aparthotel Rosa ****

The Aparthotel Rosa allows you to spend some days in a pleasant atmosphere in the middle of pristine nature. Your senses will be awaken by a morning view onto the lake. Accommodation in Aparthotel Rosa also gives you numerous possibilities for active leisure activities.

Camp Natura *****

Camp Natura is perfect for all who love to return to nature and stay under the clear sky. The Aqualuna Thermal Park, which was awarded the prestigious title “Best Swimming Pool Complex of 2012” in the category of thermal spas in Slovenia, is located in the immediate vicinity.

Lipa Village ***

For all those who want to escape the hotel atmosphere, there is the Lipa apartment village in the Terme Olimia complex. There is a restaurant and a café and different shops in the village in addition to houses with apartments.

Lipa Inn

We will be happy to prepare home-made specialties, and delicacies from the Kozjansko cuisine is served with top-quality wines. You can dance during the evenings to the sound of pleasant melodies. A terrace with space for events is the right answer for lazy afternoons and entertaining evenings. Opening hours: from 9am to 11:30pm, on Saturdays until 12am.

Gladiola A’la Carte Restaurant in the Sotelia Hotel

In the breathtaking atmosphere of the restaurant and a beautiful view of the hills nearby you will enjoy the culinary offer prepared by their chefs. Time and again you will be amazed by the interesting combinations of flavours, which are top gourmet delights. Opening hours: from 6pm to 10pm.

Žafran Club

This is a place for socializing, entertainment and dancing. It will impress you with its lounge atmosphere and diverse programme. The Žafran Club accepts up to 300 visitors and offers an interesting music and dance programme, mainly when theme parties take place in the club.


Vinotoč na Žalcah, Bukovje 16, 8259 Bizeljsko
T: +386 (0)3 809 41 06; M: +386 (0)41 257 829; M: +386 (0)41 382 735

Location: 12.4km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: We are aware of the fact that there are many tourist farms in these places and nearby, therefore the offer has to be much more varied and original. Food is given a great deal of effort and care, its journey to the table is often long and requires a lot of effort and love. Dry-cured meat products are our national speciality, along with a rich selection of bread and dairy products. The attitude towards food is also a measure of a nation’s culture.

The quality of offer is extremely important for the guests.

The following products are always on offer:

  • Homemade dry-cured salami
  • Homemade bacon
  • Pork neck
  • Dry-aged beef
  • Pork tongue
  • And wine of listed varieties

Good food should be complemented by good wine. You will be able to try (and purchase) home-made wine from barrels in our cellar. We offer wine made from Blaufränkisch, Žametovka and Rhine Riesling grape varieties, and other white varieties (mixed). Bottled wine is offered on request.

Accomodation: There are 3 bedrooms in the house with 6 + 2 beds. The winery is focused on visits of hikers and private groups (birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions).

You can rent out the basement or only the ground floor with the attic or the entire building. This depends on your wishes.


Kunšperk 19, 3256 Bistrica ob Sotli
T: +386 (0) 809 41 20; M: 386 (0)41 528 330; M: 386 (0)31724 372
I:, E:

Location: 9.8km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: There are five nice and tidy spacious rooms in the house with a total of twelve beds. Each room has a TV and a wireless Internet connection.

There is a shooting range in the immediate vicinity of the tourist farm for ordinary and flying targets, known as the Kunšperk shooting range, where your hand out at shooting.


Stara vas 7, Bizeljsko
T: +386 (0)7 495 15 59; M: +386 (0)41 780 954; F: +386 (0)7 495 15 59
E:; I:

Location: 19.3km from the Kozjansko park administration office.


We dedicate special attention to the culture of drinking sparkling wine. The tasting room can accept up to 80 guests. We serve cold cuts with wine, as well as a wide selection of warm dishes upon prior agreement. Our guests tasting sparkling wines and still wines are invited to visit our cellar where the production of sparkling wines takes place. To book a tasting, call us on the phone +386 (0)41 719 875.

Lodging: For those who want to enjoy a peaceful environment in the embrace of friendly people and vineyards, we have prepared eight excellent air-conditioned double rooms with TV, satellite programmes, phone and a mini bar with a daily, weekly or monthly rental, and fax sharing.

Business seminars: We provide excellent working conditions and training facilities in suitably pleasant premises. Business tourism started with a conference room for 40 people, where you can find all the necessary equipment for the smooth running of business meetings and seminars. We also organize entertainment programmes for the well-being of our guests.


Gostinca 18, 3261 Lesično;
T: +386 (0)3 580 55 40; M: +386 (0)41 550 366;

Location: 15.2km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: They offer accommodation in a suite for 8 persons. Upon prior arrangement, housewife Angelca will spoil you with selected Kozjansko cuisine, and the master Slavko will lead you to the wine cellar. They sell bottled wine and wine from barrels.


Virštanj 48 c, Podčetrtek;
M: +386 (0)41 795 635;,
FB Domačija Hernavs – Herbalija

Lokacija: 15 km od uprave Kozjanskega parka.

Ponudba: Toplina panonskega sonca in mehkoba kozjanskih gričev sta nam poklonila sadove neokrnjene narave. Na domačiji HERNAVS – HERBALIJA, ki se nahaja na območju Kozjanskega regijskega parka, Biosfernega območja in Nature2000 se jih trudimo tudi ohranjati.
Ker želimo, da se darovom narave prepustite dlje časa, vam nudimo nastanitev v prijetnem podeželskem apartmaju KAŠČA s sončno IZBO. Apartma in sončna izba s finsko savno ponujata domačnost in udobje tistim turistom, ki si želijo miru, sprostitve in zasebnosti. Apartma omogoča udobje dvema osebama, možno pa je tudi dodatno ležišče. Ponudba vključuje tudi prvi zajtrk – košarica domačih dobrot. Kvaliteta namestitve in ponudbe je ocenjena s štirimi jabolki, kar je najvišji znak kakovosti turistične nastanitvene kmetije, ki pa jo dopolnjujemo tudi s ponudbo kolesarjem prijazne kmetije.
Posebnost našega domačije je zeliščnoterapevtski vrt, kjer vas številne zdravilne rastline razvajajo s svojo lepoto in močjo vonjav. Refleksoterapevtska pot, čebranje, prostor za počitek ter ponudba klasične, aroma in zvočne masaže s himalajskimi posodami in gongom pa bogatijo in spodbudijo vaše naravne čute za popolno sožitje z energijo narave.
Zeliščarstvo in ljudsko zdravilstvo imata na domačiji Hernavs – Herbalija tradicijo že vsaj sto let, saj je naša prababica Amalija ozdravila marsikatero bolezen in oskrbovala z zelišči samostansko lekarno v Olimju.
Naša zelišča, začimbnice, povrtnine in sadje so skrbno pridelani na tradicionalni in ekološki način, s čimer se ohranja polnost njihovih vonjev, okusov in zdravilnih učinkovin. Trudimo se, da jih skrbno pripravljamo po recepturah, ki so se prenašale iz roda v rod. Naši pridelki so zahvala naravi za njene darove. Izbrane želimo deliti tudi z Vami. Ponujamo vam jih kot čaje, likerje, marmelade, zeliščni kis, zeliščne namaze, zeliščne sirupe, jabolčni sok in kis. Ponudbo pa dopolnjujemo tudi z naravno kozmetiko – zeliščna mazila, mila in tinkture.
Kmetija je v neposredni bližini pohodnih in kolesarskih poti, ki vam omogočajo spoznavanje številnih naravnih in kulturnih znamenitosti slikovite pokrajine Kozjanskega in Obsotelja.
Dobrodošli v objem narave….

herbalijaherbalija 1

Where to eat


Vidova pot 46, 8259 Bizeljsko
T: +386 (0)7 495 17 18; M: +386 (0)41 869 137
E:; I:

Location: 15.6km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: We offer professionally guided wine tastings in a beautiful wine cellar with a wine shop. Visitors can try the complete line of premium wines of regular and special harvests (strawberry selections, ice wines) in a professional and pleasant tasting atmosphere.

Dishes are served upon agreement in a rustic room for 20 guests or on the terrace for 40 guests. We offer grilled dishes and dishes from a clay pot put in charcoal, prepared in a large outdoor fireplace. Homemade cheese and buckwheat “potica” cakes, prepared by an awarded chef, are very tasty.

The sale of premium varietal white and red wines from the regular harvest (dry, semi-dry) and special harvest (sweet; strawberry selections, ice wine) from 2007 onwards.

It is possible to visit the vineyards and see the entire process from the processing of grapes in a grape press, care of must and wine in the wine cellar to filling the wines in bottles and ageing in a bottle cellar and wine shop.

The unspoiled green nature invites you to wonderful walks and cycling trips along the wine road all the way to the nearby Church of St. Vitus, which is very close, although it is located on the highest hill of this area.


Virštanj 3, 3254 Podčetrtek;
T: +386 (0)3 580 56 09; M: +386 (0)51 351 216;

Location: 17.1km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: You can enjoy the delicacies of genuine Kozjansko cuisine and homemade cold cuts. In the wine cellar, they will take you into the mysterious world of wine and organise guided tasting. It is possible to purchase bottled and open wine.

Activities: Walks and cycling with a wonderful view.

Working time: Thu, Fri, Sat: 10am to 10pm or upon prior agreement.


Verače 9, 3254 Podčetrtek;
T: +386 (3) 580 55 13; M: +386 (0)41 231 164;

Location: 17km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: The restaurant with 60 seats offers homemade cold cuts and warm dishes. They are renowned for their curd dumplings (“štruklji”), potato mush, bread from the brick oven and crackling “potica” cake. In the basement is mature domestic white and red wine, which can also be tasted. You can buy bottled and open different varieties of wine and home produced juice.

Activities: An excellent starting point for walks, where you can admire the beauty of nature with beautiful views of the landscape.


Trebče 83a, Bistrica ob Sotli
M: +386 (0)41 990 922; E:

Location: 5.3km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

We have been doing organic farming for 12 years, and in the last years we have been focusing more and more on permaculture. We also cultivate about 4,000 vines, however our specialty is a plantation of chokeberries, which provide a real wealth of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


Bistrica ob Sotli 9, 3256 Bistrica ob Sotli;
T: +386 (0)3 580 42 22; M: +386 (0)41 620 011;
I:; E:

Location: 7.2km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: The Šempeter inn has, for many years, with its offer of Slovenian and local food, helped to spread awareness of Slovenian cuisine. As a sign of quality and hospitality it has acquired the right to use the trademark Gostilna Slovenija (Inn Slovenia), which indicates a genuine Slovenian inn. This sign fills them with pride and obliges them to offer high-quality food with excellent service. When creating menus, the chefs create seasonal dishes, prepared in an original manner. Waiters can advise you on the choice of carefully selected wines from local wine-growers that are in harmony with the region’s flavours. The culinary speciality is kopun (capon). The Šempeter inn is one of the few inns where they breed capons. They are happy to satisfy the taste of the most discerning guests with them. Pay them a visit and taste the Slovenian dishes.

Activities: Leisure time in pristine nature and the possibility to take a tour of the cultural and sacred buildings.


Virštanj 17, 3254 Podčetrtek;
T: +386 3 809 55 06; M: +386 (0)41 411 551;

Location: 16.4km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: The restaurant, which can seat 100 guests, is in a renovated one-hundred-year-old house. The inn has a cellar where tastings of domestic Virštanj wines are possible. They accept orders for catering at anniversaries and other festivities, Sunday lunches, à la carte dishes, and they also offer catering on parties at your home.

Activities: Traditional events take place here, such as the Virštanj Night, Klopotec Saturday, Old Vine Harvest, St. Martin’s Day Celebration, etc.


Imeno 84, 3254 Podčetrtek;
M: 386 (0)51 647 715;
I:; E:

Location: 17km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

In the Emino Wine House, where “everything good” has been at home for many years, a special place and a special purpose was dedicated to excellence. They opened the doors to cuisine for you and prepare a hall above the cellar, where they offer gastronomic delights in addition to tastings of premium wines. They intertwined them and are on offer for different get-togethers.

The specialties of their offer include the Kozjansko carp, crackling “potica” cake, dried ham from the Styrian Region, wine-grower’s wine soup, frog legs, duck in red wine, chestnut dumplings and many delicacies which have found their home here in the Obsotelje Region.

For everyone who wants to share their unforgettable adventures with them, they prepare the event in a way for you to feel the pulse of Kozjansko, the vineyards and the pulse of simple and cheery people living in these places. Anniversary, birthday or just a stopover with a glass of wine and a warm snack are stories that will be written for you by the friendly hosts of the Emino Wine House.

Of course, the wines are the ones responsible for everything that happens here. Both open and bottled wines can be purchased in the cellar every day from Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm, and Saturdays at 12pm.


Veliki Kamen 42, 8282 Koprivnica
T: +386 (0)7 497 62 39; M: +386 (0)4 198 31 70

Location: 7.2km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: It sounds idyllic. On private land, next to a forest, meadows and fields etc. Yes, this is where our homestead is located. Locals call this area “rabbit’s corner” since many rabbits were supposed to have lived here not so long ago. And even today you can spot them if only you put on appropriate colours to melt with the surrounding nature.

It is part of the Municipality of Krško and located on its easternmost outskirts, which border with the Municipality of Kozje. The surrounding fields, forests and vineyards are partially in the Kozjansko Regional Park. Yes, the nature around here is really beautiful!


There is a restaurant arranged on the ground floor of the house which accepts about 60 people. The restaurant is made in a pleasant rural farm style and currently displays an exhibition of paintings by Vlado Geršak, who lives and works in Celje. He has already received numerous awards and prizes for his past works. Displayed paintings can be bought.


The hayrack next to the forest is particularly pleasant during the late spring, summer and early autumn and can take up about 150 persons, however they have already catered as much as 230 persons. In addition to the main area, there is a dance floor and a space for a smaller music group arranged under the hayrack. The location is suitable both for various “picnic” celebrations as well as for solemn events, such as weddings.

Picnic area

There is a picnic area behind the hayrack in a pleasant shade of trees. Benches and tables are available for about 100 persons. There is plenty of room even for a smaller campfire, tents, etc.


Sports lovers can use the grass playground for football, volleyball, badminton and similar activities.


Jože Dular, Raztez 1a, 8280 Brestanica
T: +386 (07) 497 14 45; M: +386 (0)41 746 786

Location: 12km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: The Dular Tourist Farm is located in the Kostanjek village and is the fourth checkpoint along the Krško cycling trail. You can reach them from the direction of Krško through Zdole, or from the direction of Brestanica. Between the vineyards, away from the noise of engines and surrounded by pristine nature, two restaurants are available. The smaller one includes 70 seats and a terrace under the chestnut shade, and the bigger one, under which there is a modern wine cellar with 220 seats.

We are open upon prior agreement, and both restaurants are used for various celebrations, i.e. from weddings, birthdays, business parties, and seminars to picnics in nature. Each year, we organise an unforgettable St. Martin’s Day celebration, New Year’s Eve celebration and Mardi Gras.

Guests are gladly taken to a modernly equipped cellar to taste our wines and for a walk across the vineyards and the surrounding hiking trails. The Dular family opened a tourist farm on its homestead in the beautiful village of Kostanjek, where we meet the beauty of nature and hospitality of people. Excellent wines of characteristic varieties: white and red Sremičan wines, and varietal wines of Blaufränkisch, Chardonnay and Italian Riesling from the home cellar excellently complement the rich offer of culinary delicacies, which can be tasted in large, stylishly equipped rooms of the Dular Tourist Farm. Their specialities mainly include buckwheat and cottage cheese dumplings (“štruklji”), goulash soup, and they are particularly known for their beef soup, which will bring joy to even the most discerning gourmet.

The Dular family is also known for their “Ribnik” Inn in Mačkovci near Brestanica, where they have been preparing fish specialities and other renowned dishes for several years.

Special offer: larger groups of hikers, possibility of organizing different celebrations (weddings, St. Martin’s Day celebration, etc.)


Kališovec 3, 8281 Senovo
T: +386 (0)7 497 02 88

Location: 16.1km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: Plahuta Tourist Farm is located in Kališovec next to the Bizeljsko-Sremič wine-tourist road and is focused on organic food production. There is an interesting giant wine pipe at the entrance to the farm. Homemade culinary specialities include venison salami, venison goulash, buckwheat mush, buckwheat bread and “prosjača” bread. Of course, they can also prepare other dishes to complement them with homemade wine. You can see fallow deer and other animals on the farm and take a walk along hiking trails. You can buy bread made in a brick oven, venison products and home produced wines on the farm.

Activities in the area: cycling, hiking


Olimje 75, 3254 Podčetrtek;
T: +386 (0)3 582 90 93; M: +386 (0)41 547 656;


Offer: The farm is focused on viticulture and stock breeding. They offer domestic wine and dry-cured meat products. Tasting of wines and salami in the old wine cellar is possible by prior arrangement. Sale of homemade apple vinegar.


Zdole 15, 3260 Kozje;
T: +386 (0)3 580 11 76; M: +386 (0)31 336 463;

Location: 7.6km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: They offer healthy home-made food and home produced wines. The inner dining room takes up to 60 guests. Along with a wide range of dry-cured meat products, they also offer special homemade specialties.

Activities: A well-maintained children’s playground.


Polje pri Bistrici 4a, 3256 Bistrica ob Sotli;

T: +386 (0)3 809 41 24; M: +386 (0)31 674 446; M – HR: +385 (0)98 959 24 56;

I:; E:

Location: 8.3km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: Upon prior agreement, tasting and the sale of indigenous wines from the Styrian region for groups of up to 50 persons. Celebrations or picnics for groups organised on their own or using our catering services.

Activities: An excellent starting point for hiking and cycling for all age groups. The opportunity to participate in viticultural tasks.


Balon Branko s.p., Pišeška cesta 2, 8259 Bizeljsko
T: +386 (0)7 495 12 21; M: +386 (0)41 507 766

Location: 15km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: This wine-growing/pig-breeding farm is situated just a few steps away from the main road through Bizeljsko. It can take up to 120 people at a time, and it is possible to visit the winery and outdoor sports areas. Upon agreement, they will serve you with home-made food for lunch, dinner and snacks. A rich offer of their own table and premium wines.

– for pre-registered groups

– processing of dry-cured meat products on the farm

– tasting and sale of these products

– sale of wine

– music upon agreement

– children’s playground (futsal, bowls)

– food for excursion groups, anniversaries, birthdays…


Bizeljska cesta 115, 8259 Bizeljsko
T: +386 (0)7 452 00 98

Location: 12.8km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: white, red, varietal, sparkling wine

Additional offer: They accept about 65 people, offer warm food and tasting in the wine cellar


Silovec 1a, 8256 Sromlje
T: +386 (0)7 477 80 21, M: +386 (0)41 514 134

Location: 13.5km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: The tourist centre is located in a peaceful natural environment 10km from Brežice. They will serve you with daily fresh trout and carp from their own pond, smoked trout, and fish stew. You will be served with open wines from Sromlje with delicious food. The inner area accepts 45 guests, and the covered terrace outside offers 100 seats. Upon prior arrangement, they will also accept private groups for various celebrations, and offer the option of renting the outdoor area. You can visit the pond for relaxation, play futsal on the playground or take a walk along the Sromlje footpath.

VINO GRABEN WINERY, Janez in Mihela Šekoranja

Kumrovška 6, 8259 Bizeljsko
T: +386 (0)7 495 10 59;
M: +386 (0)30 611 010;
M: +386 (0)30 611 011;
M: +386 (0)30/611-012;
F: +386 (0)7 495 10 06
E:; I:

Location: 13.7km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: “Vino Graben” is a renowned and internationally established trademark of premium wines. It is managed by Janez and Mihela Šekoranja, who have been actively producing wines since 1991, following a more than 100-year-old tradition.

Tours of “repnica” caves and guided tasting of wines.


Virštanj 61, 3254 Podčetrtek;
T: +386 (0)3 809 55 26; M: +386 (0)31 266 732;

Location: 18km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: Martin Amon Viticulture boasts several years of tradition in the production of high-quality wines. You can taste bottled and open white and red wines from the barrels in the cellar. It is possible to purchase wines to take home. Tasting is also offered upon prior arrangement.

Activities: Walk among the Virštanj vineyards


Sedlarjevo 21, 3255 Buče;
T: +386 (0)3 580 80 42;
M: +386 (0)31 839 090;

Location: 9.3km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: They offer high-quality white and red wines which mature in wooden barrels and in modern tanks. Offering home-made bread and salami, they take you to a world of wine-cellar secrets. You can buy bottled and open wines as well as dry-cured meat products. Prior booking is preferred.

Activities: Walk with a beautiful view


Drenovec 17, 8258 Bizeljsko
T: +386 (0)7 495 13 09

Location: 15.6km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: 50 people, cold cuts, stew, Bizeljsko white, red, varietal wines


Vrenska gorca 15, 3255 Buče;
M: +386 (0)41 430 159;
M: +386 (0)41 435 419;
FB: Vinotoč Gruska

Location: 8.6km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: They offer tasting of open and bottled premium wines and cold dishes for pre-registered groups of up to 60 persons. The cellar is located next to a well-maintained old Slovenian hayrack – toplar.

 Activities: Guided tour of the Gruska cave.


Brezovica 32, 8259 Bizeljsko
T: +386 (0)7 495 11 15;
M: +386 (0)41 204 876;
M: +386 (0)31 525 648;
F: 00 386 7 495 15 35

Location: 16.6km from the Kozjansko park administration office.


– visit to the “repnica” cave by prior agreement all year round

– tasting for up to 50 persons from 9am to 9pm

– white and red Bizeljsko wines

– Yellow Muscat

– Pinot Gris

– Italian Riesling

– Blaufränkisch

– Oak

– home-made cold cuts, cheese

– home-made strudel.


Podgorje 38, 8255 Pišece
T: +386 (0)7 495 13 85

Location: 17.6km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: white, red, varietal wine

Additional offer: tasting


Bizeljski grad, Bizeljska vas 20, 8259 Bizeljsko
T: +386 (0)7 495 12 55;
M: +386 (0)41 927 628

Location: 10.6km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: You can stop at the Bizeljsko Castle and in its pleasant environment any time. Dishes are prepared for groups upon request, accompanied by excellent Bizeljsko wines. The vineyard consists of 26,000 vines providing wine for which the Klakočar family have received numerous awards. The Klakočar family has been engaged in late harvest or predicate wines since 1991.

Additional offer:

– tasting

– winery tour

– sale of wine


Orešje 80, 8259 Bizeljsko
T: +386 (0)7 495 12 64

Location: 11.6km from the Kozjansko park administration office.

Offer: The oldest wine cellar in Bizeljsko is from 1722, although it might be even older according to research.

It is constructed from oak logs. It used to be covered with straw, which was replaced by brick. The cellar was used for storage of wine until 1995, but now the wine is stored in the new cellar next to it.

“The old cellar” now accepts 50 people, who are offered dinners or cuts; the area is intended for people who like to have fun and know how to appreciate this building.

Additional offer: Wine tasting in the cellar for 50 persons

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