Kozjanski park nursery garden

Ekološke sadike jablan in hrušk

For over a decade, the Kozjansko Park Public Institute has been dealing with tree cultivation. We began with a modest production of seedlings for the purposes of the collection orchard in order to preserve all those registered varieties of apples and pears in a protected area. The entire production of seedlings and propagating material is registered in FITO and SEME plant protection and seed register under control of the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Food Safety, Veterinary Sector and Plant Protection.

With the propagation of traditional and indigenous varieties of apples and pears, we restricted genetic erosion in fruit species not only in the area of the park, but also in a broader sense, which is why we have included a number of varieties in the Slovenian catalogue of fruit plant varieties.

We have been continuously developing a nature-friendly production of parent material and seedlings for propagation, and decided for certified to start with organic production in 2010. The seedlings from Kozjansko park are characterized by their organic production, diversity of varieties and the fact that they are grown on generative bases – seedlings.

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