Earth day

On Earth Day, a literary contest takes place for pupils of elementary schools within the park, which is connected to the commemoration of the international year. 2015 is the International Year of Light and Soil, therefore the literary contest will be dedicated to this topic. The pupils who respond to the contest are taken on a field trip each year to one of the protected areas in Slovenia as a prize.

Parks and biodiversity days

In 2012, the Kozjansko park established a network of 6 schools of the Kozjansko and Obsotelje biosphere area. The Kozjansko park publishes the research topics at the beginning of the school year. With the help of mentors, the pupils prepare a research paper on the selected topics, which is presented on Biodiversity Day (22 May) and Parks Day (24 May). Young researchers, together with literary makers, are taken on a field trip to one of the protected areas in Slovenia.


Every year, Kozjansko park organizes three traditional hikes. These are the Traditional Hike across the Kozjansko Park on the World Environment Day, Emma’s Pilgrimage Hike and the Meadow Orchard Hike.

Hikes in 2015:

  • Traditional Hike across Kozjansko Park for World Environment Day – 7 June
  • Emma’s Pilgrimage Hike – 27 June
  • Meadow Orchard Hike – 4 October

Glass-making workshops

The Kozjansko region has always been characterized by a rich glass-making tradition, as forest glassworks have operated here from the 18th century onwards. The Kozjansko park aims at preserving the glass-making heritage – the rich glass-making collection comprises 750 items from the former glassworks (locally “glažute”). The most interesting objects from the collection have been admired by visitors to Podsreda Castle for many years.

Every year, the Association of Glass-Makers of Slovenia, in connection with the Kozjansko park, displays their art work at Podsreda Castle and carry out glass-making workshops. In this way, we jointly fulfill the mission of preserving the rich cultural heritage, which includes tiny glass masterpieces.


Heritage Through Games

During Children’s Week in October, we annually cooperate with museums and galleries in a campaign called HERITAGE THROUGH GAMES. The project is organized by the Section for Education and Communication of the Slovenian Museum Association.

Evening under the Cherry Tree

European Cultural Heritage Days

The days of European Cultural Heritage are a joint campaign of numerous European countries under the umbrella of the Council of Europe and the European Commission, and in Slovenia under the umbrella of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia. The events take place in the last week of September.

The event is intended to raise popularity of less known cultural heritage sights and the facilities that are less accessible for visitors.

CELEBRATIONS are the theme of 2015.

1 October 2015 – Celebrations – in cooperation with the Bizeljsko Tourist Association.