Nature protection supervision and the management’s tasks

The nature protection supervisory department was established on the basis of Article 155 and 156 of the Nature Protection Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No. 56/99 and No. 46/14), which stipulates that the direct supervision in nature be carried out by nature protection supervisory officers of the managing body, including the Kozjansko Park Public Institute. The role of the nature protection supervisory body is also to raise awareness among the locals, educating them and offering them advice. Within the protected area, fundamental tasks are carried out, including the protection of the regional park by means of constant and direct supervision of the implementation of the protection regime and prohibitions applicable to the area of the regional park, considering all regulations relating to environmental protection

In addition to the aforementioned, the following tasks are performed within the protected area:

  • the direct monitoring and analysis of the current status of the area, especially that of the protected natural and cultural values,
  • guided tours through the protected area,
  • taking care of the condition of the natural values,
  • setting up and maintaining paths and signs,
  • participating in the winter bird count,
  • monitoring the birds,
  • building protective fences and manually transporting amphibians in the vicinity of major roads,
  • carrying out of nature protection campaigns and events (hikes, clean-up operations, removing invasive species, etc.),
  • collaborating with schools, faculties and scientists in raising awareness and properly presenting natural values as well as their protection (lectures, research papers, joint initiatives, nature-themed school events, nature-themed summer camps, etc.),
  • designing and implementing projects relating to its protection and development, etc.