Guided tours

Podsreda market town

The Podsreda market town with the Kozjansko park administration, biological treatment plant, exhibition on Natura 2000, Slovenian-Bavarian house with an exhibition of crystals, pillory or “pranger”

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Podsreda castle

Among the beech forests of the Orlica hill, you can find the most “castle-like castle in Slovenia”, the medieval castle of Podsreda, which lives a rich and full life with permanent and occasional exhibitions, musical events, and serves as a wedding location.

The castle can be visited on your own or with a guide. School groups can choose a customized tour (selection of topics, worksheets, the possibility of a cultural or technical excursion).

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The forest trail
Podsreda – Podsreda castle

From the Podsreda market town where the administration of Kozjansko is located park, you can ascend to the Podsreda Castle along the northern forested slope of the Orlica hill. The walk takes approximately 45 min. You will get acquainted with the rich forest fauna and flora along the way from hart’s-tongue fern to ruscus hypoglossum.

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Meadow orchard at Čerček homestead

A meadow orchard at Čerček homestead on Gradišče above Podsreda – a collection tall meadow orchards and organic nursery garden of traditional varieties of apple and pear. The collection orchard is located 2.5km from the administration of the Kozjansko park. Access is possible by, bus, or on foot (roughly an hour’s walk). Here, you can see different varieties of fruit trees (each tree is marked, also in Braille), the habitats of beneficial organisms, nesting boxes and feeding stations for birds, and learn new things by reading the information boards.

The collection orchard of the Kozjansko park includes more than 100 varieties of indigenous and traditional varieties of apple trees and more than 60 indigenous and traditional pear varieties.

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Dry grasslands of Vetrnik

The dry grasslands of Vetrnik are among the most biologically diverse habitats in Europe. The Meadow Natural Educational Trail takes us across dry grasslands. The best time to visit is from May to August, when the meadows are most colourful, and are populated by the most animals (butterflies, grasshoppers, beetles, etc.).

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Trebče –
Kolar homestead with fishpond
and Javeršek homestead

Every year in early spring, amphibians – frogs return to the pond in Trebče to lay their spawn. The Kozjansko park has been setting up guard rails along the nearby regional road for years. Nature lovers are welcome to help with the manual transfer of amphibians across the road. The Kolar homestead by the pond, the hay barn on the other side of the River Bistrica, and the Javeršek homestead with Neža’s house are closely linked to the life of Josip Broz Tito, and showcase the past connection between man and nature. Here, the natural environment offers great opportunities to teach the younger generations about nature and the cultural heritage.