The Kozjansko park is a protected area measuring 206km² with the status of a regional park. The protected area borders on Rudnica hill to the north and the River Sotla to the east, while Orlica on the southern edge slowly merges with the Bizeljsko and Senovsko hills, and the western border runs along the Vetrnik and Oslica hills. The region is known for its pre-alpine, hilly and mostly forested areas, which gradually flatten out onto a plain by the River Sotla. Between the flat Obsotelje area and the hills of the eastern Posavje hills, there is an area that comprises the Bizeljsko-Sremič hills made up of tertiary rocks on which fruit trees and vines are grown.

There are two main watercourses – the Bistrica and Sotla rivers, whose valleys represent the flat part of the region where the main transport connections run through as well as where all the major central settlements are located.

[su_photo_panel shadow=”0px 1px 2px #eeeeee” photo=”čevje1.jpg”]Sadjarsko gričevje[/su_photo_panel]

[su_photo_panel photo=””]Hriboviti vetrnik[/su_photo_panel] [su_photo_panel shadow=”0px 1px 2px #eeeeee” photo=””]Ravninsko Obsotelje[/su_photo_panel]