Houses and outbuildings

All rural residential houses have a very similar character, especially similar building types. This is their characteristic feature. The same goes for all types of farm buildings, such as wineries, granaries, multipurpose outbuildings, mills. Uniformity, not equality, in the architecture of these houses is a particular effect of this consistency in construction, which is another characteristic feature. It was used in the construction of houses for farmers or day labourers, middle-class farmers as well as wealthy landowners. The fundamental difference between them was in the size, materials, and ornamental additions to the facade. The construction of residential houses had to constantly adapt to the people’s lifestyles and work. It is characterised by the rational use of the materials available and the effective placement in the diverse terrain.

According to the criterion of placement in the terrain, there are single-storey, multiple-storey houses, and houses leaning in against a hill or pushed up against a hill. To illustrate the structure of floor plan we have shown a sketch of Type D. The roofing is characterized by a symmetrical gable roof and slope of 45–50 degrees. A surface and height ratio of 1:2 is also a common characteristic of all the houses.

Read more in the book Foundations of construction visibility, which was created as a result of more than 20 years of research by the architect Andrej Pajer. The book is available in the Kozjansko park administration office.

Levstikov mill, Podsreda 74

What is today a residential house with a mill was erected in the mid-19th century and positioned parallel to the riverbed of the River Bistrica. The left side was built as a residential area, and a mill that takes up only one room was placed in the right side of the building. It includes two milling mechanisms for white and mixed flour, and the mill drive runs on the lower water. The first mention of the mill was in a charter from 1801.

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Kukovičič mill, Podsreda 3

This single-storey residential building with a mill is located in a narrow gorge along the River Bistrica close to Podsreda. It was built in the middle of the 19th century. The once mighty building has been restored in the lower part with the mill. The entrance to the residential area is decorated with a remarkable wooden portal.

Contact: Maja Kukovičič, 031 288 170

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